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 Rules and regulations

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Royal Council
Royal Council

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PostSubject: Rules and regulations   Tue Jan 12, 2010 6:46 pm

1. We at R.O.C.K. require our members to gain levels at an accelerated pace. We prefer at least one level every 2 days(from the time you join). We encourage you to at least keep your level high as possible, it should NOT before day 40 that your age passes your level!!

2. We require all of our members to donate a set amount of resources each week.

3. All members must be active! No red or grey dots! Will cause automatic removal from the guild.

4. All members must read the forums, and messages and reply if necessary.

5. [Members must be able to be online during attack or defend times

6. Members are not allowed to have sitters from outside the guild!!

Any rules not followed will lead to immediate dismissal from the guild.

[b]Weekly Donations

Resource donations
00-09: Nothing
10-21: 20 of each primary and secondary
22-27: 50 of each primary and secondary
28-33: 80 of each primary and secondary
34-39: 120 of each primary and secondary
40-50: 160 of each primary and secondary
51-60: 240 of each primary and secondary
61-70: 320 of each primary and secondary
71-80: 400 of each primary and secondary
81-90: 480 of each primary and secondary
91-100: 560 of each primary and secondary:holysheep:

Have Fun!!

*Rules are subject to change, depending on a majority vote from the Head Council.*

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Rules and regulations
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