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Charter for R.O.C.K. Guilds
(Royal Order of Confederate Kingdoms)

Article I. Prelude

We, the people of R.O.C.K., in order to keep safe the rights of its members and keep its government supporting it to a series of regulations, establish this Charter. The articles herein are published to serve the people of R.O.C.K. and keep all under its influence within a reasonable field of ethics. The content of this Charter is subject to occasional change per amendments as seen fit and is subject to public discussion.

Article II. Stance

R.O.C.K. intends to be an guild in which members can get their voice heard, help each other grow as one, and provide mutual protection in a time of war be it against another guild or against individual. R.O.C.K. follows through on these intentions with the ideas of Independence. R.O.C.K. is actively forming Pacts and Treaties with other guilds and in the case of war, no justifiable cause will result in a neutral stance from the conflict. R.O.C.K. intends to stay out of major conflicts unless one of its allies or members is brought into it, at which point the full power of its members will be brought in to defend their allies, whether that be military or otherwise.

Article III. Admission

Admission into R.O.C.K. for an outside member is a simple process. After filling out a membership application, the member must be willing to accept the rule of the Government of R.O.C.K., and to uphold the value and honor of the guild by swearing the Member's Oath. A prospective member must also not be a member of another guild as dual membership is forbidden.

An unchanging decree is that all members must be willing to serve the guild and its members when called upon to do so. Failure to defend Fellowship and her members may result in severe punishment, exspellment, or death. A member may be expelled from the guild at any time with a legitimate cause.

Article III. Section i. R.O.C.K. Applicant

Any member under the in-game affiliation of R.O.C.K. Applicant is a prospective member of Fellowship and is henceforth declared as under the protection of the R.O.C.K. guild until such time that they become a full member or they are denied entry and leave the affiliation. Applications can be found in the R.O.C.K. forums.

Article IV. Amendments

In order to remain stable throughout its existence in the Travians universe, this Charter is subject to change. But such change must be agreed on almost unanimously. These amendments cannot infringe upon any of the sanctions contained in this document nor the rights of the members.

NAPS (Non-Aggression Agreement Pacts) of R.O.C.K.:
Dutch Dragons
Unholy Empire
The Palace
The Fun House
Dragon Riders
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R.O.C.K. Charter
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